Amanda Goodall PhD

Published Work

  • ‘Research leadership: Should clinical directors be distinguished researchers?’ Forthcoming in Australasian Psychiatry, August 2015, with Stephen Allison & Tarun Bastiampillai. Download PDF
  • ‘A theory of expert leadership (TEL) in psychiatry’, forthcoming in Australasian Psychiatry, August 2015. Download PDF
  • ‘Expert leadership: Doctors versus managers for the executive leadership of Australian mental health’, with Tarun Bastiampillai, Michael Nance, Leigh Roeger & Stephen Allison. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, March 2015. Download PDF
  • ‘Your satisfaction at work depends on the competence of your boss’, Harvard Business Review (France), January 2015. Download PDF
  • ‘Expert Leaders in a Fast-Moving Environment’, with Ganna Pogrebna 2014, forthcoming in Leadership Quarterly. Download PDF
  • ‘Physician-leaders and hospital performance: Is there an association?’ Social Science & Medicine 73 (4): 535-539 August 2011 Download PDF
  • ‘Why Do Leaders Matter? A Study of Expert Knowledge in a Superstar Setting’, with Lawrence M. Kahn and Andrew J. Oswald, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, July 2009, 77 (2011) 265–284. Download PDF
  • ‘Highly Cited Leaders and the Performance of Research Universities’. Research Policy, 2009, 38 (7): 1079-1092. Download PDF
  • ‘Substitution between Managers and Subordinates: Evidence from British Football’, with Lawrence M. Kahn and Sue Bridgewater, Labour Economics, 2011, 18 (3): 275-286. Download PDF
  • ‘Why Have the Leading Journals in Management (and Other Social Sciences) Failed to Respond to Climate Change?’ Journal of Management Inquiry, 2008,
    17 (4): 408-420. Citations of Excellence winner: 2008. Download PDF
  • ‘Should Top Universities be Led by Top Researchers, and Are They? A Citations Analysis’. Journal of Documentation, 2006, 62, 388-411. Download PDF

Book Chapters

  • ‘Experts versus Managers: A Case Against Professionalizing Management Education’, in Business Schools Under Fire: Humanistic Management Education As The Way Forward, eds. Wolfgang Amann, Claus Dierksmeier, Michael Pirson, Heiko Spitzeck and Ernst von Kimakowitz. Palgrave Macmillan, England: 2011.
    Download PDF
  • ‘A theory exploring how expert leaders influence performance in knowledge-intensive organizations’, with Agnes Bäker 2014. Forthcoming in "Incentives and Performance: Governance of Knowledge-Intensive Organizations". Eds. I.M. Welpe, J. Wollersheim, S. Ringelhan & M. Osterloh. Springer International Publishing AG.Springer International Publishing AG. Download PDF

Working Papers

  • ‘Women have to enter the leadership race to win: Using random selection to increase the supply of women into senior positions’, April 2015. With Margit Osterloh. Download PDF
  • ‘Boss Competence and Worker Well-being’, with Benjamin Artz and Andrew J Oswald, November 2014. Download PDF
  • ‘Leadership and the Research Productivity of University Departments’, with John M. McDowell and Larry D. Singell, January 2014. Download PDF
  • ‘A Theory of Expert Leadership’, IZA Discussion Paper No. 6566, May 2012. Download PDF
  • ‘Why Socrates should be in the Boardroom in Research Universities’, Research & Occasional Paper Series, Center for Studies in Higher Education, UC Berkeley, February 2010.
  • ‘How Do Leaders Get Selected?’ Conference Paper. September 2007.
  • ‘An Empirical Study of Business School Deans’. Cornell Higher Education Research Institute Working Paper Series 89, 2006.

Non-Technical Papers

  • ‘Room at the Top: Why are there so few women in the upper echelons of the academy?’ With Margit Osterloh. Times Higher Education, May 14, 2015. Download PDF
  • ‘Do the social sciences need a makeover?’, Times Higher Education, October 9, 2014. Download PDF
  • ‘Silver linings: the academic lifecycle’, Times Higher Education, May 2014, with John Montgomery. Download PDF
  • ‘The risks businesses take when they hire leaders with minimal core-business knowledge’, April 2014.    Download PDF
  • ‘The Experts' Advantage’, for Project-Syndicate 2014.    Download PDF
  • ‘For richer, for poorer: the merits or otherwise of the research excellence framework’, Times Higher Education, May 9, 2013. Download PDF
  • ‘Should doctors run hospitals?’, Spring 2013, Ifo Institute, Munich, Germany Download PDF
  • ‘How to stay in pole position: hire a boss who has worked on the floor’, for Strategy Magazine Download PDF
  • ‘Why we need Expert Leaders for Developing Leaders’ Download PDF
  • ‘How much core-business knowledge should our leaders have?’ Download PDF
  • ‘Creative versus Accounting: Why different jobs really do require different work environments’, Times Higher Education, March 27 2012. Download PDF
  • ‘Physician-leaders and hospital performance: Is there an association?’ Journal of the European Association of Hospital Managers, November 2011. Download PDF
  • ‘Physician-leaders and hospital performance: Is there an association?’, Vox, 21 July 2011
  • ‘Panel Games’, Times Higher Education, February 17, 2011. Download PDF
  • ‘Turning On the Leading Lights’, Times Higher Education, January 27, 2011. Download PDF
  • ‘Sisters' Winning Formula’, Times Higher Education, September 30 2010. Download PDF
  • ‘Raise Your Game: 20 Inexpensive Ways to Rise in the Rankings’, Times Higher Education, February 18, 2010. Download PDF
  • ‘Why Socrates should be in the Boardroom in Research Universities’, CSHE Berkeley. Download PDF
  • ‘Who Are Leading the World’s Top-100 Universities?’ International Higher Education, Winter 2006. Download PDF
  • ‘The Place of Citations in Today’s Academy’. International Higher Education, Summer 2006. Download PDF
  • ‘Universities, Leaders and Causality’. International Higher Education, Winter 2007. Download PDF
  • ‘Power and University Presidents’, International Higher Education, Winter 2009. Download PDF
  • ‘Research universities flourish on scholarship not management’, Research Europe, October 2009. Download PDF